There are no companies in Europe which are able to match the capability of producing tapered tubes of differentiated thickness, changing the linear weight from section to section and at the same time to hydroforming them, diversifying the inertial moment along the axis and hence the flexural coefficient stifness.

We are particularly proud in Dedacciai of disposing that technology. We produce from 2004 a huge range of hydroforming tubes, that we obtain putting the round differentiated thickness tube in a steel mold, which contains the final shape we want to offer Once the mold is closed by an hydraulic baler, which is able to maintain a pressure of 400 Tons, we add a pressured fluid to 1.000 bar. The metal tube, subjected to that high pressure deforms plastically its walls, copying the mold ones.

The next cleaning thermic treatment of the hydroformed tube allows to obtain uniform the crystalline structure deleting the deforming tensions, conferring to the item the mechanical features of the work conditions


Establish in 1992 with the will of creating a new standard in the high performance cycling tubesets engeneering and manufacturing, Dedacciai Technology has accompany cycling success of Indurain, Pantani, Cipollini, Petacchi, Rijs, increasing the use of metallic alloy, from tempered steel to aluminum alloy, from magnesium alloy, to titanium till recent carbon composite material.


  • Email info@dedacciai.com
  • Phone Tel. +39 0373 74499
    Fax: +39 0373 750029
  • Address Via L. Da Vinci, 19 26010 Campagnola (CR) - Italy
Dedaindustrie s.r.l. | P.I. 01157350198

Industrial application

Dedacciai, thanks to its hydroforming production active from 2004, is directed to the industrial users in the sector of: lighting, automotive, medical carriage for disables, fitness and furniture.
We manufacture hydroformed items in aluminum alloy with different diameters from 15.0 to 80.0 mm, and lenght until 1200 mm.
We perform thermic treatment and mechanical tests on tube sets and hydroformed parts for structural utilization

We run TIG welding
We tapered with diameters from 14.0 to 75.00 mm

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